Koleksioni i fotoreporteres së parë

Megjithatë, pavarësisht se koleksioni i saj përmban mbi 40 mijë foto, puna e Christina Broom është në shumicë e panjohur.

Një ekspozitë e hapur e hapur vite më parë synonte t’i tregojë botës punët e saj të jashtëzakonshme.

An exhibition of the works of Christina Broom, Britain's first female press photographer, will be held to show her extraordinary achievements where she took photos of soldiers such as this group of Grenadier Guards, posing for a photo at their camp in Wimbledon Common, in 1914Mrs Broom featured life in London from soldiers, to royalty to the works of suffragettes and Christabel Pankhurst, pictured in 1909Mrs Broom aimed to capture images of London life, such as the iconic J Lyons tea stall serving customers at Victoria station, London in 1905 Broom captured soldiers at their barracks on Christmas day, showing an alternative view as a Grenadier Guard stands beside a banner in 1915Images of the 4th Battalion Grenadiers enjoying lunch on Christmas Day from their barracks in Chelsea in 1915 were printed on postcards The photographer's images aimed to capture alternative aspects of army life, such as children in an army pageant at Fulham Palace in 1910 Mrs Broom's collection features a variety of photos, including those of an army pageant featuring St George and a young Knight in 1910Mrs Broom initially printed her images, such as this one of Grenadier Guards raising a glass at Chelsea Barracks in 1915, on postcards The enterprising businesswoman had a successful career spanning three decades and was able to sell her pictures to national publications Mrs Broom's images were rooted in capturing life in London such as that of the 2nd Grenadier Guards at their Wellington Barracks in 1915She started her career at  40, capturing British soldiers in their barracks as well as the first American contingent at Wellington Barracks in 1917Broom's collection includes images of the 1st LIfe Guards saying goodbye to their wives at Waterloo station as they prepare to leave in 1915Coachmen and visitors were captured in their finery visiting the Royal Mews, where Mrs Broom had a stall to sell her postcards, in 1920 Broom was regarded as 'trail blazing' as she was one of the only women to venture from the studio to London streets to capture unique imagesMrs Broom's work included significant events such as the Oxford rowing team, seen taking part in the University boat race in Putney in 1911 Female police officers and Inspector Mary Mary Allen (centre), a former suffragette, were seen at the Women's War Work Exhibition in 1915Mrs Broom managed to capture suffragettes, soldiers and protests taking place in London such as nurses and midwives marching as part of the Pageant of Women's Trades and Professions which took place through the city and ended at the Royal Albert Hall in April 1909 Mrs Broom's images captured soldiers in a variety of situations, such as the Irish Guards on St Patrick's Day at Wellington Barracks in 1908 An early photo, taken in 1911 of the 1st Irish Guards at bayonet practice at Chelsea Barracks would have been printed and sold as a postcard